Francesco Mirizzi  - Network Designer


Date of birth 5 July 1967

Country: Italy

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Who is the network designer, what’s the difference between  NDs and  system administrators?


The difference is on the programmatic approach to the plans that we made and a little bit of art  in the work.


Every project that we build and follow is never equal to another made in the past or in the future.


Why is this ? You could think we take ideas from previous jobs, I don't completely agree with this.

 Instead I think that a designer has a multiple vision of reality.

I can design a project almost in three or four different ways and obtain the same final result in the end.

How does it change? The philosophy of work, the vision, the approach.



Now, go to some important  works that involved netwoks and many other branches of electronics





Project                                                                           Costumer



Installing Saprouter  in Corato (Puglia 07)                                       Molino Casillo Francesco Srl


Set up of  security system in Pozzallo (Sicily 07)         Compagnia Commerciale Mediterranea  Srl


Network of pc’s and Voip in Pozzallo (Sicily 07)           Compagnia Commerciale Mediterranea  Srl


Deploying Ms. Exchange 2007 in Corato (Puglia 07)                               Business Optimizers Srl


Set up web site with Citrix Access Essential  in Corato (Puglia 07)          Business Optimizers Srl










A  Network Designer or a System Administrator often works alone. This site has no commercial aim. This is only a tribute to WWW that many times help me to solve problems or the technical requests of costumers and save time for my private life.